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  • Peter McNeice

Rare is Reality!

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit what an awesome opportunity it was to go to the Maple Leafs Game and the awareness raised was beyond our imagination.


When we were approached by the J’s about this opportunity it was all about the opportunity to raise awareness but it turned into so much more for our family. The joy we experienced as a family will be a memory that last a lifetime, along with being committed Maple Leaf Fans.


I am also once again in awe for how much people care. They say no one will ever love a child like their mother well I think I may argue that. I love my daughters, it comes with the title but I have come to realize that complete strangers have a lot of love for our little girls. The love I have for Olivia and her right to be healthy is motivation on its own along with having 100s of strangers cheering you on.


Rare is our reality. We came home from a wonderful experience but it didn’t stop us from the handful of meds, hourly eye drops and double needle night. This is our reality until we have a cure. I have faith that it will happen.


Olivia still doesn’t know she has this disease but she is slowly starting to notice the significant difference between herself and her sister as well as some of her peers. My wish still is for her to remain happy and become healthier.


This is us LIVing Rare 💜

Erin Little 

Just a Mom 

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